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  • How do I sterilize the water outlet?
    1. Press and hold the Outlet Sterilize button at the top of the purifier for 3 seconds. 2. Place a container with a capacity of 300ml or greater below the water outlet. 3. When the container larger than 300ml has been prepared and placed, press the Dispense Water button. The sterilization process will take about 10 minutes. *Hot water will be dispensed about 7 minutes later. Please ensure that this is inaccessible by children. 4. Once the sterilization of the water outlet is complete, please discard the hot water dispensed into the container.
  • How do I sterilize the water pipe?
    The water pipes for hot, ambient and cold water will be automatically sterilized with heat once per week. Once every 4 weeks, the cold water tank pipes will be included in the sterilization process, which will take about 30 minutes. The water pipe will be automatically sterilized once per week, and on-demand sterilization can be performed manually. To sterilize the water pipe, press and hold the Internal Sterilize button at the top of the purifier for 3 seconds. *The scope of high temperature sterilization is limited to from filter to the pipe that runs from the filter to the water outlet.
  • How do I change the scheduled time for the water pipe sterilization?
    [Changing through ThinQ™ app] 1. In the LG ThinQ™ App, press the water purifier icon. 2. Select the ‘>’ icon in the High Temperature Sterilization window, or select ‘Schedule high temperature water pipe sterilization’ under Settings. 3. In Schedule Sterilization, press the ‘>’ button. 4. Set the desired schedule time and press the Save button. [How to change using product interface] 1.Press and hold the Internal Sterilize + Outlet Sterilize buttons for 3 seconds. 2. To change the date, press the ‘Outlet Sterilize’ button. The date will change every time the button is pressed. 3. To change the time, press the ‘Internal Sterilize’ button. The time will change every time the button is pressed. 4. Set the desired schedule time and press and hold the ‘Dispense Water’ button for 3 seconds. *All steps have voiced instructions *If no button is pressed for more than 30 seconds, the feature will be disabled without changing the settings. ※The feature to change the sterilization schedule time is only available for the products manufactured after February 2022. Please check if the feature is explained in the “Note” sticker attached on the product. If the product does not have a “Note” sticker, use the ThinQ app to change the sterilization schedule.
  • The water pipe sterilization and water outlet sterilization features are not working.
    If the valve where the source water is supplied or the dispense valve of the faucet is closed, the water pipe sterilization and water outlet sterilization features will not work. Please open the source water valve or the dispense valve.
  • How do I replace the product filter?
    1. Pull out the draining tray to remove it from the product. 2. Push the moving tap to the end of left or right and open the filter cover. 3. Grab the filter and lift it 90 degrees, and then turn it counterclockwise to separate it. 4. Insert the filter and turn it clockwise. 5. Place the filter cover on again. The filter cleaning process takes about 7 minutes. 6 When the filter cleaning is complete, press and hold the Cold Water button for more than 3 seconds to reset the filter usage count.
  • Filter cleaning is not working.
    If you close the source water valve during filter replacement, the filter cleaning will not work as the source water will not be supplied. Do not close the source water valve, and leave it open while changing the filter. Close the filter cover to proceed with the filter cleaning process.
  • How do I set the sound settings and adjust the volume of the purifier using the smartphone app?
    1. In the LG ThinQ App, press the water purifier icon. 2. Press the ‘ⓘ’ icon at the top-right corner of the screen, and press the Settings window. 3. In the Settings, select the product sound setting ‘>’ icon. 4. When ‘Use’ is selected, the ‘Button Sound’ and ‘Water Dispense Voice’ can be set. 5. Select the ‘>’ icon of Control Volume to adjust the volume.
  • I can’t mute the sound.
    Even when muted, the voice instructions will continue to be provided during water outlet sterilization, water pipe sterilization, and filter change for safety reasons.
  • The draining tray won’t go back in.
    "If the draining tray is rotated sideways during separation, the draining tray will not be locked. Please separate the tray while facing the front of the purifier. If the draining tray is separated while the it is rotated, check the joining section (locking hole) by sight and connect the draining tray in after rotating it sideways."
  • I can’t open the filter cover.
    "If you have separated the draining tray while the tray is rotated, the filter cover handle hole may also be rotated, preventing easy opening of the filter cover. Please check the joining section (locking hole) of the draining tray before connecting the draining tray from the front. Separate it again and open the filter cover."
  • Why choose us?
    First off, we are very flexible. You can choose to be a part-timer or a full-timer. Our flexible hours give you a lot of leeway to work when it’s convenient for you. Next, our business is easy and our support technicians are here to help. Finally, you can earn high commissions depending on your sales performance.
  • Can I be an agent if I have a full-time job?
    Yes! You can definitely be an agent even with a full-time job. We offer part-time positions with highly flexible hours.
  • Do I need to ship the products to customers?
    You don’t have to worry about the logistics. Our support technicians will help you deliver to your customers.
  • How much can I earn?
    You can earn a commission of up to 5 digits.
  • What kind of support will I get?
    We’ll provide you with training. Our highly beneficial training programme includes group support and online coaching. There are opportunities to work in teams and to work alone.

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